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Your Partner in Hotel Revenue Excellence

Our Story

At Founders Property Holding, we boast over 20 years of collective expertise in hotel revenue management, dedicated to shaping your success in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry. Our seasoned team of revenue managers is committed to creating distinct advantages for our partners, fueled by a passion for victory and an unwavering pursuit of continuous improvement.

What Sets Us Apart

Proven Expertise:
Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a proven track record in hotel revenue management. Drawing on our extensive experience, we craft strategies that drive top-line revenue goals while maintaining a sharp focus on profitability.

Innovative Solutions:
We're not just revenue managers; we're innovators. Founders Property Holding is dedicated to bringing fresh ideas and industry best practices to the table, ensuring that your property stands out and performs at its peak.

Our Passion for Excellence

Performance Metrics that Matter:
We don't just measure success; we define it with key performance indicators tailored to your unique goals. Whether it's optimizing room revenue, enhancing guest satisfaction, or maximizing overall profitability, our focus on measurable outcomes ensures tangible results for your property.

Collaborative Partnership:

Founders Property Holding is more than a service provider; we're your collaborative partner in success. We work closely with your team, understanding your goals and challenges, to tailor strategies that align with your vision for unparalleled performance.

Task-Force Revenue Management

Need an immediate boost? Our short-term revenue management services are designed to provide a rapid, impactful solution for a minimum engagement of 3 months.

Long-Term Revenue Management

For sustained success, our long-term revenue management services offer a minimum commitment of 12 months. We work alongside your team to implement strategies that stand the test of time.

Strategic Guidance

As an add-on service, we offer strategic guidance to consult on systems, strategies, and solutions, ensuring that your operations are aligned with the latest industry trends.


Embarking on a new venture? Our acquisition services involve a comprehensive deep dive into market dynamics, providing insights and opportunities for improvement during hotel openings and ownership changes.

Our Services

Who We Serve

Our expertise extends across a diverse spectrum of the hospitality industry.  We take pride in our track record of successfully managing a variety of hotel types, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.  Our seasoned team has navigated complexities of different hotel categories, demonstrating adaptability and delivering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our partners. 

Chain Hotels

Soft Brands



Luxury Resorts

Convention Center Hotels

Vacation Rentals

And More!

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